First Look Into Myopia Control Eyewear at O-SHOW22

First Look Into Myopia Control Eyewear at O-SHOW22


After the cancellation of O-Show in 2020 due to the unexpected emergence of the novel  COVID-19 pandemic, the optical industry eagerly welcomed the return of O-Show in 2022. Organised by the Optical Distributors and Manufacturers Association (ODMA), this exhibition brought together industry professionals and enthusiasts alike to celebrate the latest advancements in eyewear. As professional eyewear distributors, Asia Contacts 1 was proud to participate in this prestigious event, showcasing a curated selection of brands that embody both innovation and care. We are thrilled to be showcasing a new brand that caters towards myopia control eyewear.


Featuring Brands with Purpose:

At O-Show22, Asia Contacts 1 took the opportunity to shine the spotlight on brands that not only excel in design and functionality but also uphold a commitment to making a difference. Among the brands that we featured were RYAN ADDA, PLAK, Crispin Bees, LIPO, Paul Frank, Crocs, and VEGA. Each and every one of the brands that we  distribute has their own unique story and purposes as we believe that behind every great brand is a story worth sharing.

RYAN ADDA, a designer titanium eyewear brand from Melbourne, stood out with its fusion of elegance and innovation. By combining optometry expertise with dispensing prowess, RYAN ADDA creates eyewear that transcends mere aesthetics, offering a blend of fashion and functionality that resonates with discerning wearers.

For the first time, Asia Contacts 1 introduced LIPO, a brand dedicated to complementing myopia control lenses. This myopia control eyewear is crafted with children’s diverse facial shapes and sizes in mind, LIPO eyewear provides durability for the rigours of youthful activities, ensuring both comfort and resistance.

LIPO Myopia Control Eyewear
LIPO Myopia Control Eyewear

PLAK, a Korean eyewear brand with 20 years of optometry expertise, showcased frames that are virtually unbreakable, highly comfortable, and exquisitely crafted. With translucent designs and gorgeous tones, PLAK frames marry style with durability, appealing to fashion-forward individuals with an eye for quality.

Crispin Bees emerged as an eco-friendly brand, catering to consumers mindful of their environmental impact. Crafted from eco plastic derived from castor oil, Crispin Bees frames offer sustainability without compromising on style or performance, making them a conscious choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

A Commitment to Growth and Care:

As the curtains closed on O-Show22, Asia Contacts 1 reflected on the success of the exhibition and the opportunity to showcase a diverse range of brands. Beyond being distributors, Asia Contacts 1 sees itself as a partner invested in the growth and success of the brands it carries. With a belief that behind every great brand is a story worth sharing, Asia Contacts 1 is committed to nurturing these brands and fostering their growth in the market.

Join us on this journey:

Asia Contacts 1 invites you to join us on this journey of exploration and empowerment. With our local knowledge and network, combined with your global brand, we can continue to make a meaningful impact in the world of eyewear. Together, let us distribute excellence and care, one pair of glasses at a time.