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Asia Contacts 1 is a prominent distributor of global designer eyewear brands in Australia and New Zealand. Our tagline “Unleash your eyewear brand’s success in Australia and New Zealand” encapsulates our mission to help brand owners achieve their full potential in these regions.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services to the brands we represent, including public relations, celebrity endorsements, collaborations, corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, local events, trunk shows, retailer training, after-sales service, and transparent reporting on market trends. Our current portfolio includes renowned brands such as Paul Frank, Ryan Adda, Crispin Bees, Lipo, and Plak.

Our team at Asia Contacts 1 is committed to standing out in the competitive Australian and New Zealand markets. We are dedicated to helping distribute only the best brands in the world, while keeping in mind the unique needs of both eyewear retailers and brand owners. Our focus is primarily on working with independent stores, and our extensive experience with optical practices enables us to provide reliable after-sales service. We take a customer-first approach and only distribute brands that meet our stringent quality standards.

Partner with us and unleash your eyewear brand’s success in Australia and New Zealand today

Our Story

Our core service for the brands we represent ranges from public relations, celebrity endorsement, collaboration work, CSR, local events, trunk shows, training for retailers, after-sales service, regular and transparent reporting on market trends.

We always strive to set a point of differentiation within the competitive landscape in Australia & New Zealand.

  • World Best Brands
  • Understaning Your Needs!
  • Independent Stores First.
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  • Retailer Mindset Perspective
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  • Your Customer First!
  • Uncompromising Quality

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We trust in close and long-lasting cooperation with our partners, independent and/or mini-chain that share our values.”