Distributor of RYAN ADDA at SILMO SINGAPORE 2023

Distributor of RYAN ADDA at SILMO SINGAPORE 2023

In the month of April, the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre located in the Island of Singapore became the stomping ground for innovation in the eyewear and optical industry as they launched SILMO Singapore 2023. With the aim of being the annual International Trade Fair, SILMO Singapore has become known for its excellence as it is the hub where the latest technologies, products and innovations are being showcased with the idea of changing, improving and shaping the future of the eyewear and optical industry. As a distributor in Australia and New Zealand, we were ecstatic to participate. 

With over 250 reputable brands from all around the world gathering to showcase their own innovations or products, RYAN ADDA, a Melbourne-based titanium designer eyewear brand, made an impact as they showcased their collections. RYAN ADDA, which is one of the brands that we distribute in Australia and New Zealand, marked a significant milestone in their journey in redefining the optical fashion industry and their functionality during the fair.

SILMO Singapore 2023 Play Color Frame
SILMO Singapore 2023 Play Color Frame

SILMO Singapore 2023 is a joint venture between SILMO International and MP Singapore, spanning from the 12th to 14th April 2023, had transformed the 6,000 sqm of space in the convention and exhibition centre into a stage to showcase the multitude of eyewear designers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers. Among the stars on the stage, shining brightly was RYAN ADDA FLIGHT DIRECTOR. RYAN ADDA FLIGHT DIRECTOR was featured as one of the SILMO Singapore Trends of 2023. This acknowledgement was not just an incredible honour but serves as a testament to their dedication in the pursuit of perfection and innovation in design. 

SILMO Singapore 2023 TRENDS
Distributor at SILMO Singapore 2023 TRENDS

Our participation in the fair was more than just to showcase one of our brands that we distribute but to help drive their brand’s vision and commitment to achieve excellence. We not only presented the FLIGHT collection but also the other signature collections such as ME, ONE, and UMAMI. With each collection, they possess their own unique design methodology which represents the brands drive towards their dedication to crafting eyewear that embodies both style and substance.

As the distributor for RYAN ADDA, we felt that we needed to uphold the other purpose of the fair, “Innovating”. With that in mind, we showcased RYAN ADDA’s innovative edge as we unveiled their prototypes from the RYAN ADDA ZEN collection and their RYAN ADDA NOVA sunglasses. These two collections embody the brand’s philosophy of elegance and precision. 

SILMO Singapore 2023 RYAN ADDA Trends Frames
RYAN ADDA Trends Frames

Beyond the showcase of our brands collections, let us not forget that SILMO Singapore 2023 also serves as a vital bridge in fostering new and old connections within the optical industry. It was an opportunity for us to meet with other professionals to build new relationships or collaborations, and to explore potential partnerships. With that said, we are ecstatic to report that the fair served their purpose and was a success as it enabled us to meet with potential distributors from the Philippines and Indonesia. In addition, our showcase was a collaboration with our local Singapore distributor, EOE Eyewear. 

As we wind down and reflect on our journey at SILMO Singapore 2023, we are overwhelmed with not just gratitude but also excitement for the future. The fair not only provided for us a platform to showcase our passion for eyewear designs but also declared our place within the industry as innovators and trendsetters. We can’t wait to see what the future holds as we continue our journey. With the inspiration given to us by the recognitions and the connections that we have gained, we are thrilled to showcase more of our brands that we distribute and watch them grow. 

We hope that you stay tuned to our blog for more updates on the brands that we carry, their new collections and on our journey to grow even bigger as distributors.