Introducing Titanium Frame at OMEGA19

Introducing Titanium Frame at OMEGA19

In the world of eyewear and optical exhibitions, only a handful of events can command the attention and prestige of O=MEGA19. The three day event that was held in Australia had brought together industry leaders, designers, and professionals to showcase the latest products, innovations, and technologies in the eyewear and optical industry. As professional eyewear distributors, we were honored to be a part of this elite gathering, presenting our curated selection of brands to a wide selection of audiences. During the exhibition, we introduced RYAN ADDA, a premium titanium frame from Melbourne.


Embracing Innovation With RYAN ADDA, A Premium Titanium Frame Brand:

At the heart of O=MEGA19 lies a fervent commitment to innovation, driving the boundaries of possibility in optical design and functionality. Among the brands we showcased was RYAN ADDA, a premium titanium frame brand known for its innovative use of titanium in crafting frames. Originating from Melbourne, RYAN ADDA blends elegance and functionality seamlessly, redefining eyewear frames for all ages. Crafted with Japanese titanium, their frames are as light as air yet rich in style, embodying the spirit of innovation that defines O=MEGA19.

RYAN ADDA Titanium Frame Eyewear Booth

Fusing Fashion and Functionality:

The exhibition highlighted the symbiotic relationship between fashion and functionality in eyewear design. From quirky and playful designs that celebrate individuality to sleek and sophisticated styles for the discerning professional, there was something for everyone. Brands like Vuillet Vega and RYAN ADDA, which features titanium frame, epitomise this fusion, offering sleek, elegant, and timeless designs that cater to diverse aesthetic preferences. Meanwhile, Paul Frank stood out with its vibrant and playful patterns, adding a touch of whimsy to the eyewear landscape.

Building Connections and Strengthening Partnerships:

As first-time exhibitors in Australia, we embraced the opportunity to forge new connections and strengthen existing partnerships. O=MEGA19 provided the perfect platform for us to open new accounts across Australia and New Zealand, leveraging our global brand presence and local expertise. Additionally, we were delighted to collaborate with our European counterparts, introducing brands like Minima, Lucas De Stael, and Tarian.

RYAN-ADDA-Titanium-Designer-Eyewear-Exhibition-in-OMEGA19 Asia Contacts 1
RYAN ADDA Titanium Frame Designer Eyewear Exhibition

As we reflect on our experience at O=MEGA19, we are filled with gratitude for the success of our inaugural exhibition. We are committed to continuing our growth journey, bringing in more brands and expanding our distribution network across Australia and New Zealand. With a focus on empowering vision through curated global eyewear, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey ahead.


O=MEGA19 was not just a trade show; it was a celebration of innovation, connection, and possibility in the world of eyewear. As professional eyewear distributors, we are proud to have been part of this transformative event and to have showcased brands that embody the spirit of innovation and style. As we look towards the future, we remain dedicated to our mission of empowering vision and bringing the best in global eyewear. We believe in empowering your vision with curated global eyewear.