Asia Contacts 1 Pty Ltd is a distributor and design house for contemporary, functional and revolutionary eyewear in Asia, based in Melbourne. Founded in 2016, the eyewear that we design and the brands that we represent are an expression and extension of life on every level from designer to consumer. We provide a platform for young emerging designers who have dreams and passion to create, design and invent the next eyeglasses with boundless creativity.

We only believe in innovative technology that produces ergonomic engineered eyewear with the highest precision without compromising on quality. We are also a hub for these designers to fulfill their dreams and we use our expertise in brand building to develop their brand to new markets around the world. At Asia Contacts 1 Pty Ltd, we trust in a close and long-lasting cooperation with our partners, people and companies that share our values. Our joint success proves us right.

Our core service for the brands we represent a range from public relations, celebrity endorsement to local events, trunk shows, training for retailers, after-sales service, regular and transparent reporting on market trends, sales developments and the competitive landscape in Asia.